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Sun Care Products

A lot of us Baby Boomers remember frolicking in the sun without any protection for our skin. What were we (and our parents) thinking? The truth is we simply did not know. Now we do. As important as the sun is to our everyday life; exposure must be limited. We can mitigate that exposure with the proper all natural sunscreen cream.

We at Harmoni want to go one step further with the products we offer. Equally important to the natural sun care products we apply to our skin is the need to provide products that are also biodegradable. The only sunscreens we will offer will include this characteristic. As we did not know decades ago about the damage the sun was causing our skin, we are just now learning of the damage our coral reefs suffer when we take tropical vacations and share the sunscreen we use with those delicate reefs; which are so vital to life on earth.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for today, we respectfully encourage you check back on our website to see any new products we’ve added periodically.

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