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December 18th, 2018How to Protect Your Skin From Stress? Stress-related Skin Problems and Their Remedies

As per the American Psychological Association,” one-third of Americans are living under stress and nearly half of them admit that their stress is increasing with time.” Stress not only affects your heart health but is also harmful to the skin. Before knowing how to protect your skin from stress, let’s understand the meaning of stress.

What Is Stress?

Stress means the reaction of your body to any kind of request. This reaction will be based on either a good or bad situation. Reacting to situations your body releases chemicals into the body. Those chemicals provide energy, but that energy will be wasted if that reaction is related to some emotional situation.

5 Ways Stress Affects Your Skin and How to Fix It


Acne is one of most common reactions for people who are under stress. During stress, your body releases hormone cortisol which increases skin oil. Due to that, it is difficult for your body to fight the germs related to acne. 

Reduce Blood Flow

Stress reduces the flow of blood and weakens its survival attributes necessary for the body. Stress is a major reason for increasing the risk of high blood pressure due to the narrow blood vessel. When blood flow decreases our skin gets less amount of nutrients which results in skin disease.


Eczema is a condition when your skin becomes inflamed, red and rough. Eczema can develop in arms and shoulders but most probably it appears on the facial skin. To react emotionally to situations your immune system becomes unable to combat these types of bacteria.


Rosacea is a chronic skin disease which affects between 15 to 16 million Americans. As per the study of New Patient “stress control improves the appearance of Rosacea”. Survey of National Rosacea society also finds “stress control is a highly effective treatment for Rosacea.”


Neurodermatitis is a condition when a person encounters a lot of itchiness in one part of the body. The skin itching is very irritating as it disturbs sleep as well as work. There are other reasons also for Neurodermatitis, but the stress triggers it according to studies.

How to Fix It

One of the easiest ways to reduce stress is to do breathing exercises every day. It instantly relaxes the nervous system.

Enjoy the Outdoors 
Another way to reduce stress is to take time to go outside and get fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

Apart from breathing exercises, Meditation is a great way to reduce anxiety. Select a quiet place, sit in a comfortable position, control your breathing and engage yourself in prayer. If not prayer then you can focus on something ethereal, focus on your feelings, breathing or any object of affection.

Use Product After Research
To counter Stress related skin problems use a product after proper research of suitability of the product for your skin type. Use products with fewer chemicals, and which provides more nutrients to your skin.

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  • December 18th, 2018
  • Harmoni

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