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March 11th, 2019The Truth about Sunscreens and their Effect on our Planet

Calls for the banning of sunscreens that are not biodegradable are growing louder. Citizens of the world are beginning to concentrate on becoming one with the universe in which we live; which is happily drawing the globe closer. As humanity advances its knowledge of our origins, past, and future together we understand that we are made from the elements that came directly from our sun. No more; no less.


Chemists who worked for the petroleum industry were the first to break apart matter into their component parts in order to combine those fragments into another, previously unknown substance. When one stops to think about it; all of what we ingest or put on our skin was never meant to exist.


Given these facts it’s no wonder that every year an average of 14,000 tons of sunscreen and other tanning lotions is rejected from the skin of humans and drifts onto coral reefs and throughout oceans. Your body; the ultimate product of our universe does everything in its power to push away and cleanse itself of this foreign threat seen as trying to harm the largest living, breathing organ in your body; your skin.


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  • March 11th, 2019
  • Harmoni

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